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Now you can collect in our opinion one of the collectors books of the year called The Terror of Living by Urban Waite. Infact  The Terror of Living was an instant hit with none other than Stephen King to name but a few. This book is an absolutely gripping read and months ago Doodled Books secured some extra special rare books for it collectors.  Yes these are the true first edition first printings of The Terror of Living printed by Simon and Schuster in the UK. Every book is signed, lined, dated, doodled and numbered. 


These books have travelled the world. They were shipped from the UK to the US. Then to Urban's home in Seattle for the signing. We feel very honoured to have this book as part of our portfolio on the website.  Especially as these have travelled with the author during his US tour.  


The story is described as classic Clint Eastwood film. And no doubt these will be incredibly sought after by book collectors and book dealers alike. 


“A hell of a good novel, relentlessly paced and beautifully narrated. There's just no let-up. An auspicious debut.”
Stephen King


The Terror of Living opens with gentle beauty, calm before a bloody storm, before building intensity with swift, jarring, and confident storytelling power. A fine debut from a writer of obvious and substantial talents. Readers—including this one—will certainly be following Urban Waite for years to come.”
Michael Koryta, author of So Cold the River


“In the tradition of No Country for Old Men, Urban Waite has written a nail-biter that takes off from the get-go and never stops, a book chock full of memorable characters and kick-ass writing. Clear your calendar before reading this one, folks, because once you start there's no stopping until the end, which arrived much too quickly for this reader. A smashing debut.”
Tom Franklin, author of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter


“A supercharged suspenseful thriller peopled by colorful characters and driven by terrifying events that begin at mach speed and never slow for a moment. Supremely cinematic.”
Joseph Wambaugh, author of the Hollywood Station novels


“Urban Waite is a writer who knows what he’s doing and this killer novel drives that home every hard-charging step of the way. In Waite’s hands, scenes come at you like bursts of machine gun fire, and it’s testament to his skill – setting that pops off the page, dialogue that crackles, characters you can’t help but care about – that you won’t want them to stop hitting.”
Josh Weil, author of The New Valley


The Terror of Living is a smart, swiftly-paced and bloody Western for our moment. Urban Waite is a writer who won’t let a reader wander away—he keeps you reading, and reading, and rewards all your attention with a powerhouse story and prose to match.”
Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter’s Bone and The Bayou Trilogy


“This is the Golden Age of literary crime fiction, and Urban Waite delivers a beautiful and powerful new voice with The Terror of Living. Washington State in his hands comes as alive as Louisiana does in the novels of James Lee Burke.”
Otto Penzler, editor of Best American Noir of the Century


“Never eases the throttle, but even at high speed, it’s the interplay between the characters that gives the novel its power. An outstanding debut.”
ALA Booklist starred review


“[A] fine novel...The characters are well-developed, and the complicated plot is well-structured. The action never falters...[a] remarkable debut, full of character and bleakness and written with vim and intelligence [that] will linger in the reader’s mind long after the book is laid aside.”
Library Journal starred review


“The past is a terrible thing in Urban Waite's first novel, a crime thriller that will please those who prefer their noirs straightforward and gritty with a minimum of philosophizing... One cannot help but recall Cormac McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men" while reading Waite's novel...Soon, though, Waite's own story and his smooth prose take over so completely that all that matters is what happens next.”
Associated Press


"Reads like a Pacific Northwest remake of Cormac McCarthy's classic....Waite brings a nimble touch to the material. Throwaway lines are rendered with surprising delicacy, and [his] knife-fetishist villain makes for an oddly endearing sociopath. Also, what a title!"
Entertainment Weekly


“Urban Waite nearly became, as his author bio puts it, ‘the next big Mexican-Italian-Welsh engineer’...Fortunately for fans of crime fiction, Waite instead turned to writing...Waite writes convincingly about the joys of the wilderness, and he wisely keeps the focus on the interplay between his two main characters in this sure-footed debut.”
Seattle Times


“[A] formidable fiction debut...the author allows characters room to wrestle with private demons as the intense, often gruesome tale races towards its satisfying conclusion.”
Tom NolanWall Street Journal


“One fine specimen [of a Modern Western]...His descriptions of the stark beauty of the mountains have a calming effect on the intensity of the cinematic action scenes. And the surprising delicacy of the writing also makes it easier to bear the raw violence done to man and beast...Waite is most eloquent when he’s probing the interior lives of the men locked in this contest of will and endurance...No matter who fails to survive, these characters all deserve to mourned.”
Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review


“Strong debut... [with] assured and skillful prose. The action is dynamic and cleverly choreographed, but the lush intricacy of the novel springs from the inner lives of these two men where, woven through the brutal mayhem, is an odd, indelible core of sweetness.”
Portland Oregonian


“Superbly written...What is [rare] is the finely honed literary sensibility of the writer, who conveys the sensory reality of his settings with evocative exactitude...considerable talent.”
Houston Chronicle


“A drug deal gone wrong, a determined deputy, a running man, a psycho killer. Don’t forget compelling dialogue, well-developed characters, the Pacific Northwest as a backdrop and a relatively happy ending.”
Allen Pierlioni, Sacramento Bee


“There's much to praise about The Terror of Living, including the relentless pacing and Waite's stunning prose, but what really makes it compelling is the humanity of its characters...Waite's richly imagined characters spring to life in the reader's mind.”
Mystery Scene Magazine


“The meticulously calibrated prose, rushing narrative, and sympathetic protagonists mark Waite as a rewarding, promising writer.”


“Promising debut. Waite eloquently depicts men in turmoil for whom the choice isn’t always between right and wrong but where to draw the line.”
Publishers Weekly


Product Description

Hunt, an ex-convict, has spent the past twenty years on a small ranch with his wife, supplementing his income with the odd drug smuggling job. Drake, a deputy sheriff, is newly married and has almost escaped the shadow of his father, who was also a sheriff -- and no stranger to the drug trade himself...Drake is on Hunt's trail when a big drug deal in the mountains goes awry and so begins a terrifying race against time. Although Hunt evades Drake's attempts at capture the traffickers soon unleash a merciless hired killer to reclaim what's theirs. As the chase closes in and loyalties are tested, Drake's quest for justice contends with a hitman's quest for blood, and Hunt must face a terrible choice...

About the Author

Urban Waite is thirty years old. He lives and writes in Seattle. The Terror of Living is his first novel.

Product details

  • First Edition First Printing
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd (3 Feb 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 0857204343
  • ISBN-13: 978-0857204349
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.8 x 3.2 cm


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