Doodled Books Ltd - Modern Signed First Edition Books Presents A Fabulous Modern Signed First Edition Book  - Signed Numbered Dated and Doodled

Amazing book which has all the makings of  a runaway success! This self published book is becoming hot property this Summer as WH Smiths and Waterstones plan a national publicity campaign starting in June. It will also be promoted alongside a famous book what was the name?...oh yes...Harry Potter!

This book is a Limited Edition Review Copy. 400 review copies have been printed but only 100 have been signed, dated, numbered  1 to 100 and uniquely illustrated.  Plus if that wasn't enough to tempt you into buying a copy here are some more details:

  • The illustrator has illustrated this book.
  • The book has been double signed by the author and illustrator.
  • It's been reviewed by Publishers News and the Bookseller to great critical acclaim.
  • An Ex Random House Sales Director is looking after the publicity.
  • It had text errors that have been corrected in the hardback.
  • It does not have a map like the first edition hardback.
  • Character illustrations are not in the review copies.
  • The review copies were printed before the hardbacks.

Book Description
It's India in 1936. Two young women, Agnes Moondancer and Irene McTavish must flee India following the sudden death of Irene's Fiance, Prince Rohal of Kimbustan. Fifty years later, twins Kelly and Tim McTavish inherit Aunt Irene's battered old oil lamp and her treasure... which is now missing. Two worlds collide when the twins fall asleep with the Lantern burning and are transported to another world in a different time.

Product Details:

  • First edition first print book
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Pen Press Publishers Ltd 
  • Language English

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Condition New