Now Doodled Books is proud to present an exclusive rare collectible of Simon Lelics latest book The Facility. Simon is proving to be The Very First in the Next Big Thing for Book Collectors. Only last year his debut book Rupture was Shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger 2010, Shortlisted for the Galaxy National Book Awards 2010, Longlisted for the Desmond Elliot Prize 2010, Selected for Financial Times Books of the Year 2010, Selected for New York Times notable crime books 2010 and in the Top 20 Books of 2010 for LoveReading.

Each book is signed, lined, dated, doodled and numbered. Only 20 of these exist making them incredibly rare indeed.

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'A dark thriller about our preoccupation with security' --Bookseller

'This much-hyped new author comes recommended by crime writer Donna Leon. An elegant crime thriller about a falsely imprisoned man and his estranged wife, intent on finding the truth. They collide with a journalist investigating a secret government facility hidden in the countryside. Topical and fast-paced' --Red Magazine

'A startling vision of totalitarian Britain... Lelic creates a magnificent sense of place and deftly maintains the pace of his thriller plot... Lelic's crystalline prose is frequently utterly seductive and his compassion is deeply moving' --Metro

'The basic premise of Simon Lelic's new book The Facility nails the reader's attention from the off... Apart from his storytelling skills Lelic has two potent weapons in his armoury, his dialogue which is scabrous and flint-edged and his characters... As well as being an unputdownable thriller The Facility is a book with something to say about the price any country and its citizens must pay for security. However Lelic never lectures us and when we reach a tense confrontation on a railway platform in the last chapter readers will be checking their increased pulse rate rather than their consciences' --Daily Express

'A classic story of a race against time' --The Sunday Times

'A home-grown, high concept thriller... set in a dystopian near-future, where the British government, seemingly through popular choice, has invoked unprecedented security powers... All in all, this is a deeply unsettling read' --Book of the Week, Daily Mirror

'Simon Lelic's second novel, The Facility, is timely indeed... Lelic has written a thriller for our times, whose plot is driven by a political machine that's oiled and ready in the real world... The plot grips not because of action scenes (although there are a few) but because we live in a world where feelings of mild guilt often slip into paranoia. This is Kafka meets Orwell in contemporary England, where the cynical among us already believe that the "war on terror" could cause people to be "disappeared" as easily as in South America or the former Soviet Bloc' --Herald

'Simon Lelic's second novel is grander in scale than his intimate and claustrophobic debut, Rupture, but his ability to create an atmosphere of tension and foreboding fits just as neatly into this frighteningly believable conspiracy thriller... Clever, well-paced and with a clear message, this is an ambitious and important novel with shades of George Orwell's 1984 at its core' --Liverpool Post

Product Description

Henry Graves has dedicated his life to the prison service, but he is unprepared for the challenge his new and secret assignment brings. Tasked with managing a government facility hidden deep in the countryside, Henry finds himself tested as never before: by the confused and frightened prisoners, by the sinister Dr Silk and, above all, by his conscience.

Tom Clarke, a precocious but naive journalist, has his own problems meanwhile. His career – and his life – is turned upside down by the arrival of Julia Priestley, who seeks his help in finding her estranged husband, Arthur, an innocent dentist who has been arrested under severe new anti-terrorism legislation. The authorities admit they have taken him but will not say where he is being held – or why.

Discovering a trail that implicates those at the very top of government, Tom and Julia begin a quest to find Arthur, and the truth about his incarceration. But some people will stop at nothing to keep the facility’s secret hidden, and soon the couple find themselves fighting for their lives . . .

About the Author

Simon Lelic has worked as a journalist and currently runs his own business. Rupture, Simon's first novel, received incredible, widespread reviews and led to The Times branding him as 'set for literary stardom'. The Facility is his second novel.


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  • First Edition First Printing
  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Mantle (7 Jan 2011)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0330522728
  • ISBN-13: 978-0330522724
  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 13 x 3.6 cm


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