Wow now this you've got to see to believe - this is G P Taylor's own galley proof of his Sin Salvation and Shadowmancer.

Yes G P Taylor has decided to sell some of his personal collection and Doodled Books is honoured to be able to offer this genuine collectors item. Infact we actually witnessed the signing and if you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them.

Items like these do not come up for sale very often - you are looking at a piece of history - a collectors item that will be treasured for life.

G. P. Taylor's astonishing life has more plot twists than one of his novels. The bestseller, "Shadowmancer" stormed the literary world, rocketing to top sales on both sides of the Atlantic. Who could have predicted that an English country vicar would have such a hit on his hands? But that's only one chapter in the roller-coaster life of G. P. Taylor. Kicked out of school for trying to set fire to a teacher's desk, Graham Taylor dived head first into London's punk rock scene in the early 1980s. It's unlikely that someone savoring a life of sex, drugs, and rock music would end up on a police force, but it happened. Then Taylor topped that surprise by becoming a vicar. Assigned to a church on the northeast coast of England, Taylor delved into the fascinating history of the region - tales of smugglers, storms at sea, and people lost on the moors. At the same time, he felt a growing concern about an occult presence in contemporary children's fiction. These two interests came crashing together as Taylor created his award-winning novels, "Shadowmancer", and "Wormwood". Then, with "Shadowmancer" topping the "New York Times" bestseller list and Hollywood beckoning, a near-fatal heart condition almost cost him everything. Filled with unforeseeable twists and turns, G. P. Taylor's life story, like one of his novels, is a tale that you won't want to put down.


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