Amazing news self published author Stuart Webb has created some extra special Chapter Samples of Aurora's Tears for Doodled Books collectors. Yes this book has been in the collectors market of UK first edition books for quite some time. Why? Well please read on as this is a story within and story.

The team at Doodled Books remembers an article in the BMC (Book and Magazine Collector) a few years ago by a budding journalist called Stuart Webb. What was the article about? Well it was about two self published authors called Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams and their quest to find a major publisher. The column Stuart wrote was about New Collectables and what could be the next big thing. We remember thinking well lets get a copy and find out what it's all about. Once we did we soon realised what huge potential the title had and the rest is history. Or so we thought!
Stuart obviously has an eye for talent and decided to make his own dreams a reality. The result is a stunning debut which has created a stir in its own right in the collectors market. Infact inside an issue the BMC there is a 3 page New Collectables review about it. We're not comparing this books story to The Highfield Mole but is this a case deja-vu? Since its publication Stuart now has a literary agent representing the book. Plus his second book has now been released called Lyme Hall.
Each Limited Edition Chapter Sample is a pre-typeset version of Aurora's Tears. They come with a letter of authenticity directly from the author and are signed. There are only 10 of these in the World!
About the book
Cassie and her mother are living in their newly adopted home on an idyllic part of the Cornish coast, when Cassie discovers a mystery that leads to the ultimate adventure. But not everything is as perfect as it seems. Cassie wakes at midnight to gather the early morning dew in an attempt to cheat destiny, a dark form high within the branches of the trees stalks her every move and an enigmatic night-time visitor seems determined to relate his curious tales. Before she can resolve her past, present and future, however, Cassie may first need to confront the delicate secret she shares with her mother..."Aurora's Tears" is a compelling mystery adventure that will have you hooked from the first page.
Remember the classic tale of Stone Soup? Cornish Stone lies at the heart of Stuart Webb's own recipe, and it s the folklore and mystery of that part of the world, combined with a believable modern heroine, that gives this book its appeal. A subtle and rewarding read. --Steve Augarde, Nestlé Smarties Children s Book Prize award winner

Aurora's Tears is one of those rare and wonderful books in which, from the very first page, you find yourself immersed in a story so beautifully drawn and compelling that you just have to read on. --Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, co-authors of bestseller Tunnels
An engaging story, and a hugely impressive debut. --Jonathan Scott, Book and Magazine Collector


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