Doodled Books Ltd - Modern Signed First Edition Books Presents A Fabulous Limited Edition Modern Signed First Edition Book  - Signed Lined Dated and Doodled

Fantastic news a new author called Aneurin Gareth Thomas who has just written his debut novel Luggage From Elsewhere has doodled some exclusive Limited Edition copies exclusively for this website.  It comes as no surprise that this book is getting loads of media attention as Parthian books the makers of Richard Gwyns Colour of a Dog Running Away are the publishers behind it.

At the start of the year after hearing about the books success (even before it was printed) I decided to see if the author may do a special Limited Doodled Edition for the here we are now with a fabulous collectors item that in our opinion any book collector would like to own.

The trade edition got released in March 1st 2007 and was also featured in the Book and Magazine Collectors March Editio....our adverts are proving to be spot on as since our last campaign Jasper Coopers is now in discussions with film agents in this space....

Here are some more details about the books...the books are:

1.  A numbered Limited Edition with a slightly different cover to the trade edition (making these really collectable) 

2. Paperback 1/1 - no hardback has been released.

3. Signed.

4. Numbered 1 to 100,

5.  Uniquely Lined

6. Doodled with a suitcase

7. Dated - with a pre publication date.

8  They come with a letter of authenticity from Parthian books.

This book is going to be huge this year and if there is one Limited Edition you buy this year this is it!

A boy comes of age near Swansea. He belongs to the baby-boom generation but this is a time and place of bust. Eight-strong at the offset, his group of friends includes Will, a council estate intellectual, and Karen, who graduates from lonely cocktails on the dance floor to convivial militant vandalism. But first love ends for two of them in sordid circumstances, and the group is three down at the finish, when the narrator faces an uncertain future. This novel explores the emergence of political identity, which grows from class to national consciousness and celebrates that brand of idealism that has never since the early Eighties recaptured its clarity of purpose.


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Condition New