Lucy's Monster by R L Royle Rare Special Signed Edition Book (1 of 100)


R L Royles debut novel self published by her own company Dog Horn Publishing had phenomenal reviews! This self published rare book is signed by the author and it's lined, dated, numbered, doodled. A fantastic collectors item that only 100 people will have the chance to treasure for life.


A contemporary story about a celebrity couple’s fall from grace, Lucy’s Monster is a potent cocktail of drugs, sex and violence… the words that form the novel have a natural free flowing feel that whisks you from page to page…
Stuart Webb, Book and Magazine Collector

…a unique thriller which captivates the reader from beginning to end, a page-turner which doesn’t disappoint. Rebecca Royle embraces complex subjects confidently, as though this was her tenth novel rather than her first. Lucy’s Monster is chilling and terrifying and has all the ingredients a thriller should have… it kept my fingers turning pages long into the night.
Joanne Mead, Dewsbury Reporter

…the graphic scenes were horrific, yet I wanted more and the characters were part of my life for the rest of the week. A book I couldn't put down, until the very last page. A very different kind of book - that gripped me from the beginning - well done to Rebecca Royle - I can't wait for her next book.
Kate Terry, Best magazine

…I am her literary agent here in North America and I found her work so fresh and energetic that I took her on as a client right away. The fact that the book appeals to a hip, urban audience is of great appeal in the United States. I also think the book has great film potential, and we certainly would look to generate film interest in it as well. It's a pleasure to work on something that feels vibrant and distinctive -- like a sharp clean glass in a sink full of dirty dishes!
Michele G. Rubin, Writers House, New York City

Celebrities, drugs and madness - and no, this not the Priory! Lucy's Monster is disturbing and dark but brilliant. R. L. Royle will certainly make her mark with this, her debut novel. It is hard to believe she is only 23. Where on earth does she get her inspiration? I was unable to put this fresh, innovative novel down, reading on until the early hours of the morning. It is difficult to compare Rebecca to any other author. She is unique. This is gripping, edge-of-your-seat literature but not for the faint hearted. This disturbing insight into Lucy's mind will leave you feeling sympathetic, sad and angry at a tortured life ruined by drugs and cut short by mental illness. Life can be so cruel. This is not a comfortable read but an excellent one. Dog Horn Publishing have picked a winner to launch themselves in a competitive market. Expect great things from the talented, young author and the publishers that have introduced her.
Sarah Johnson, The Sunday Post

…Her writing style includes a form of authorial intrusion but whereas most author’s tip-toe into their prose like cat burglars, Rebecca’s approach is more akin to a ram raid.
Neil Hudson, Yorkshire Evening Post

…[Lucy’s Monster] delves into a world where relationships are charred by drugs, violence and mental illness. Moreover, it’s the description of Lucy’s latent schizophrenia which provides the novel with its most revealing, shocking content…
Lianne Steinberg, The Big Issue in the North.

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