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Doodled Books is proud to present Changelings Book 1 Dragons and Demons by James McVean. This self published book has been featured in the Book and Magazine Collector and is a first printing.

About the book
Someone is slaying wizards and uttering the six words of power: 
Breaking the ancient magical bonds that bind the Demon horde to the Netherworld...
Now evil stalks the land, seeking the magic of life that will free the rest of their hellish brethren. 
The world is in dire peril and the only hope for salvation lies in the hands of a lowly pickpocket. 
When a young orphan - Jack the Hawk - steals a silver flask from a travelling wizard, he is transformed into a magical creature and is plunged into a world of dreadful impending disaster that only he can help prevent.
As the Changeling he must cross an impenetrable mountain range and seek the aid of mythical Dragons; 
he must travel to the Netherworld, where the Demons and Angels battle perpetually; 
and resurrect an ancient hero. 
Jack must return with help in time, or the world will be doomed…

Product details

  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Lulu Press (1 Jan. 2007)
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