Right now everybody is going crazy for the new Alec Devlin book called Empire of the Skull. The Alec Devlin series is incredibly popular and has been promoted by worlds leading supermarket chain as its book of the month in July 2008. Doodled Books has an exclusive scoop of rare first edition first printings. These have been signed, lined, dated, illustrated and numbered.
Alec Devlin is a sixteen year old archaeologist who keeps finding himself caught up in wild (and sometimes terrifying) adventures. Only 15 copies exist and each is unique (take a look at the pictures for more details).
16-year-old Alec Devlin has left his beloved Egypt to join his Father in Veracruz. His friend, American adventurer, Ethan Wade is due to join them in his new role as Alec’s bodyguard. But bored by sitting around at his Father’s hacienda, he and his faithful valet Coates embark on a trip to visit an ancient archaeological site... where he quickly discovers that this new world is every bit as perilous as The Valley of the Kings.
Pursued by ruthless bandits, intent on taking him hostage, he is forced to take refuge on an aeroplane with a motley collection of fellow travellers. When an unforeseen event forces the plane down in the midst of a remote tropical rain forest, even more dangers await him and his companions in the shape of the lost Aztec city of Colotlan, which has lain undiscovered and unchanged for over 500 years.
Here, a society of Aztec warriors, still enact the brutal rituals of human sacrifice – and it soon becomes clear that Alec and his companions have been earmarked for slaughter by scheming high priest, Itzli. As time ticks away, Alec and his friends must use all of their ingenuity to evade his deadly obsidian knife – and when Itzli summons the forces of darkness, in the shape of the terrifying Children Of Mictlan, becomes an adventure where only the strongest will survive.
Product Description
Mexico, 1924. At his father's hacienda, restlessly waiting for adventurer Ethan to arrive, sixteen-year-old Alec and his faithful valet Coates head out into the wilderness in search of an ancient archaeological site...only to discover that Mexico is every bit as perilous as The Valley of the Kings. Pursued by ruthless bandits, involved in a plane crash in the middle of remote rain-forest and finally an unwelcome guest in a lost Aztec city where the inhabitants still practice rituals of human sacrifice, once again Alec must use all of his skills and stamina to survive.

About the Author
Philip Caveney was born in 1951 in Prestatyn, North Wales. His father was in the R.A.F, so during his childhood his family moved to a new military base every couple of years. He has had several adult thrillers published in the past, but has now turned his hand successfully to children's books. His Sebastian Darke series has sold in 10 languages and was shortlisted for the Waterstones Prize. He lives in Manchester with his wife and 14 year old daughter.
Product details
  • First Edition First Printing
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Red Fox (6 Aug 2009)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 1862306370
  • ISBN-13: 978-1862306370
  • Product Dimensions: 19.6 x 12.8 x 2.4 cm


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